La Kaje is an artist run project space, established in February, 2017. Our mission is to provide support for a broad spectrum of artistic practices, forms of community confrontation, and exchange.

One conviction of our operations is to encourage the risqué, and the exploration of uncomfortable edges of artistic practice. Equally, we work to develop new and rigorous styles of audienceship through heterogeneous programming, durational experiences, and a spirit of spontaneity. Ultimately, La Kaje is a place to suspend belief, and develop experimental voices without the social anxieties of the marketplace.

Furthermore, it is our mission to support modes of making that are explicitly difficult to describe and in need of participatory testing grounds, be that an exhibit, residency in the space, conceptual and/or technical support, or just Audience corroboration. Over time, it is our aim to disown the cynicism that develops from the over-professionalization of the art world.

Open by Appointment only unless otherwise noted.